Why Manga is Rising in Popularity?

Whether you read or not the chances are that you have heard about comics before. You probably read them yourself or if you are a parent there is a fair chance that your child asks you to buy them. Animal comics have been around for quite some time and are highly popular especially in countries like Australia and America, most people do not know about manga. 

Over the years manga has been growing in popularity and the reason for that is simple – it has beautiful artwork, a compelling storyline, and plenty of twists and turns to keep the readers engaged.  

However, this isn’t the only reason why these supposed books of Asian literature at least what the Japanese prefer to call them are popular. So in this article, we are going to shed some light on the growing popularity of manga. Let’s dive straight into it! 

Engaging Plot 

What makes manga stand out from the cartoons that are seen on TV is the engaging and rich plot you find. And in case you are wondering manga isn’t like that episode of Tom and Jerry that we used to watch in the past. In fact, the majority of manga have a detailed plot that is followed in each serialisation. This is what makes these fiction books stand out.  

And if you are a fan of current affairs, then you wouldn’t be disappointed either. A large number of manga are often inspired by real-life events and stories so It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that some of them can be categorised as contemporary fiction books. 

Frequent Release 

Depending on the type of manga you are following, you are in for a treat due to how frequently manga chapters release. While it also depends on the manga you are reading some of them have monthly chapters while others even have weekly chapters that you can read. 

One example of this comes from One Piece. It is one of the longest-running manga in history. However, that isn’t the only thing that makes you stand apart. It wouldn’t be our overstatement to say that one piece is religiously followed by some people and they wouldn’t mind if it becomes a part of the Asian literature. 

One Piece has sold more than 400 million of these censored serialization began in the 1990s. And even today it is going strong with chapters releasing every single week! While the plot may come to an end in the next five years, you have plenty of time to catch up with it.  

Variety of Genres 

Perhaps it is the diversity of manga that truly makes it stand out. When you are reading manga you are never going to run out of options there is literally a genre for everything you could think about. Whether you are a fan of light hearted shows something gory, adventurous, thriller or suspense – you wouldn’t be disappointed. 

The main aim of manga is to often send a message to its readers. And that message depends on the plot and the genre of manga. But you will definitely find something that suits your taste. 

Plenty of Readers 

There are literally millions of manga lovers worldwide. Although, manga is created in Japan. You’d be surprised to know that the manga following in Japan is so extreme, that people and students aim to become a Mangaka (also known as a person who makes manga) from a young age.  

So once again, if you are talking about Japan in particular, call him manga a part of Asian literature for them wouldn’t be farfetched. Literally every school student you find and even a large number of adults have a deep interest in manga and why wouldn’t they? It’s a part of their culture. 

Final Thoughts 

Manga comes in a variety of genres. There is always something that you will be able to read. So whether you are searching for a manga that’s based on true events of today, original you are a fan of contemporary fiction books, the chances are that manga wouldn’t disappoint you.  

So we hope now you know why manga is rising in popularity and you don’t necessarily have to buy one. There are plenty of websites that you can read online some are subscription-based while others are free.