Use of magnetic glass whiteboards and custom whiteboards

White boards are easily available and purchased from the markets for writing and teaching. These boards are an alternative to the old chalkboards. These whiteboards are found in varieties of sky scrapers, glass white walls, printed grid glass and magnetic glass whiteboards to mention a few. These boards are commonly found in homes, schools, other teaching organizations, offices, media houses, studios etc. One can even design custom made whiteboards according to his own preferences, although it’s a tricky task to perform.  

Use of magnetic glass whiteboards 

Whiteboards serves as a writing surface in classrooms, lecture rooms, meeting offices, investigation centres, board meeting etc. Nowadays, glass whiteboards are quite in use after the common whiteboards. Among the most popular glass whiteboards, magnetic glass whiteboards are the most important because of its high quality and a step further technology. It has non-porous surface, slightly heavy, have long term span and is magnetically receptive. They are sleek, smooth and model in appearance. The best parameters of magnetic board are its lifetime stability and retention and its high tech presentation. It excels in styles, graphics, clearance and durability. 

Magnetic glass whiteboards are classical in terms of marker writing and pasting non-scratching items over it. It supports clips, pictures, papers, postcards and spread sheets etc. through its magnetic ability. There are home and office appliances like refrigerators whose surface can also be used as magnetic glass whiteboards. Similarly, in offices these boards are appropriate for presentations and schedule discussions. Such boards are frequently used with projectors for corporate meetings and events. 

Advantages of magnetic glass whiteboards 

Glass whiteboards are divided into magnetic and non-magnetic boards. Magnetic glass whiteboards are of advanced technology as compared to non-magnetic one. These boards are supplemented with magnetics in steel surface which result in ease in maintenance. Following are the prime advantages of magnetic glass whiteboards, making it more beneficial in use 

  • It pose for a professional and strong working environment 
  • Improve functionality than the conventional boards 
  • Easy to use, clean and maintain 
  • Use for stamping papers, posts, pictures, symbols etc. on the board 
  • More flexible in approach 
  • It may be portable if available smaller in size 

The custom made whiteboards 

Customized and self-designed white boards always satisfy people more than a designer made board. However, it’s a difficult job to personally set a whiteboard without any external help. Custom made whiteboards are personalized boards that are constructed according to one’s preferences and specific parameters. These points include custom print, colour, material, length, width etc. Custom printed whiteboards are locally and commercially used widely like in hospital and patient wards, in military and government offices, in classrooms, in corporate meeting rooms and sports and education departments etc. 

If one wants to self-construct a custom made whiteboards, he/she should prepare a proper working plan of months. He should arrange staff meetings and discuss each idea with other members. However, still the possibilities and issues that can rise during the process are countless. Following aspects are recommended to be kept in mind while designing and constructing a personal whiteboard: 

  • Plan and create your own board design with size parameters 
  • Prepare a rough sketch of the board on computers software 
  • Select the best quality raw material for board surfacing and frame styling 
  • Prefer magnetic steel surface for the board 
  • Material must be dry and resistant to scratching 
  • Size and colour should be appropriate for writing to be visible 
  • Warranty conditions must be applied 

Custom made whiteboards can be glass, dry-erase, brass, printed, simple, frameless, magnetic, non-magnetic etc. All these are opted for multiple purposes by different occupation professionals. These boards are difficult to build and require quite a time in collecting ideas and board construction. However, still many people opt for custom made whiteboards strategy rather than using market made different white boards. 


Magnetic glass whiteboards and custom made whiteboards are the two different types of writing boards used in almost every workplace. The magnetically made board is an advanced form, easier to handle, possess dry-erase ability and provides surface for pasting materials. While some people prefer custom made whiteboards according to their choices. In these boards, one has to create a complete design and set all the parameters by himself to begin with the construction of personalized whiteboard.