Pros and cons of vinyl flooring

About vinyl flooring: 

While a home renovation, budgeting is the most important thing that is done before starting any makeover. It has a great impact on the decision making of how you want to get things renovated in your house. Flooring is one of the most expensive materials when you want to upgrade your home. People have their own priorities for their home renovation, some just prefer to upgrade their furniture with stylish new furniture to give a luxury look to their home while others prefer the overall renovation of the structure of their home including flooring.  

With the latest trends of timber flooring or vinyl flooring, it becomes more feasible for people to give a lavish look to their house with a limited budget and a long lasting product. Vinyl flooring in Sydney is especially very popular as it enhances the overall look of the house maintaining the budget. Like everything it also has some pros and cons which you must have a look if you are thinking to install vinyl flooring in your home.  

Here are some pros and cons of vinyl flooring. 

Pros of vinyl flooring: 

  1. Reasonable pricing: 

Vinyl flooring is not very expensive as compared to other flooring options. They can be easily affordable allowing you to adjust a good budget for other interior design of your house.  

  1. Easy installation:  

Vinyl flooring is easy to install. It does not require a hard and lengthy procedure of installation. It can be installed at any place easily. Vinyl flooring is usually installed over the existing floor, minimizing the cost of removing current flooring and then installing a new flooring. Hence it also saves time which is usually required in the removal of existing flooring.  

  1. Attractive look: 

The designs of vinyl flooring gets better and better each day. The professionals who are working in the designing of vinyl flooring brings improvements in its designs and installation every year making it difficult even for the experts to distinguish if the observing area is of vinyl flooring.  

  1. Durability: 

Vinyl flooring is very durable and last for a longer time period. Even in the areas like kitchen and bathrooms, they resist moisture and stays new and performs at a high level. They are also preferred by the people who have small children or pets at their home because of the fact that vinyl flooring is much softer as compared to tiles. 

Cons of vinyl flooring: 

  1. Artificial feel: 

No matter how much new improvements vinyl flooring industry bring to their products, they cannot replace the feeling of real thing. Even the finest vinyl flooring cannot replace the feeling of original material.  

  1. Sticky feeling: 

People who prefer to walk bare foot in their house feels sometimes uncomfortable with vinyl flooring. It seems to be sticky or gives a plastic feel which makes it unenjoyable for people to walk bare foot.  

  1. Decreases home value: 

In some cases it is observed that vinyl flooring lowers the value of your home. As we have discussed that vinyl flooring cannot replace the original material like tile or hardwood, giving it an artificial feel which results in the decrease of the home value.  

  1. Durability in bathrooms: 

It is observed that vinyl flooring works well in the bedrooms or living areas, but in some cases they could not stand the moisture that is observed within bathrooms. Until or unless you are using a guaranteed vinyl flooring that is made for the bathroom, you may find discoloration of flooring after some time.  


It is always advised to get advice from a home expert if the flooring you are choosing will work for your place. Whatever you apply will cost you something. So, it is better to have a good information of the material you tend to install in your house. Vinyl flooring itself comes in a variety from high-end flooring to low-end flooring. Obviously the high-end vinyl flooring will be better in all aspects expect of its price and the choice totally depends on your budget. Taking advice from an expert can end up with a quality material with minimum expense to adjust with your budget.