With the age and to adopt the standard lifestyle. Food manufacturing companies are under pressure to provide quality food according to the anticipation of the community. Food manufacturing companies have to follow variant phases to accomplish the manufacturing process. It is an industrial process that involves the processing of food, the conversion of food to a delicious meal. The process of how the meal should be prepared and how the meal should be packed and deliver to the consumers. 

Due to the increments in the population, the requirements for food also increased.  To fulfil the need the there is a huge demand for frozen foods. Frozen foods have become popular in urban areas due to the advancement of malls and supermarkets. 

Food Manufacturing Companies: 

The food manufacturing companies concert the raw food into wearable ones. For instance, food manufacturing companies use dairy milk to convert it into cheese, butter.  These huge good manufacturing companies manufacture the cereals, pet foods, bread, cookies, bread drums, packed them, and deliver them to the food wholesalers. 

Many food manufacturing companies processed food some of which are discussed below. 


  • The meat material included in the process is beef, lamb, pork, and poultry. All of these products are kept in cold storage by food manufacturing companies.  Variant techniques are used to process the food like slaughtering, committing, and cooking. Food preserving is not an easy task. Accurate temperature and correct packaging products should be used to preserve the food. Most of the companies use the deep freezing methodology also some of them use sterilization and refrigeration. And preserved in cans and cardboard. 
  • Similarly, the fish, fruit, and vegetable, mining, baking, and biscuit making all use a different kind of preserving material. 


  • Quality affirmation and quality control are the highly recommended task performed by food manufacturing companies. All aspects of food manufacturing companies are monitored by the USDA, abbreviated as the U.S department of agriculture. 
  • Workers have huge accountability for food quality. The workers provide their services in food manufacturing companies for 40.5 hours per week they do not perform any part-time job. Food manufacturing companies provide a hectic environment to the workers as they demand repetitive and physical work. Most food manufacturing companies provide ergonomic programs that help in cutting down injuries and accidents during work.  
  • Food manufacturing companies have a different occupation percentage for workers. There is approximately 54 percent for production workers and 46 for all other processes like cutting, cooking, and preserving. 
  • Now, we have dynamic food manufacturing companies that do not correctly preserve food but also deliver the food product to food wholesalers in Brisbane so that the food can be consumed by the consumers. In most of the developing countries, due to the competition and need for quality food, there are many jobs are now available in food manufacturing companies. 

Food Wholesalers 

  • A food wholesaler is a person who sells the food to the retailer stores. The manager of a food manufacturing company can itself be a food wholesaler if he is supposed to send the food to different retailer stores. 
  • The process involves the transportation of food from companies to consumers. Sometimes the food wholesalers hire distributors so that it can be transferred to many groceries stores with less consumption time. The different methodology is applied by various food wholesalers. Many use the warehouse so that food can be preserved until it is distributed to all listed groceries and retailers.  
  • In other words, we can say that the food wholesalers work an intermediate between the food manufacturers and food operators. The division process is used through which a large amount of food can be divided into smaller junk and delivered to the retailers. Variant food wholesalers sell food according to the categories and needs of consumers. 
  • Food wholesalers provide the manufactured food to different utilities and groceries stores so that the customer can purchase it and consume it according to the need. Food wholesalers have the convenience to provide the food to the restaurants and grocery stores rather than distributed through single consumers. Food wholesalers make huge deliveries rather than smaller deliveries or according to the entrepreneur. 


  • Interactions of problems while delivery is also a part of the food wholesaler task. While delivering the food from the food manufacturing companies to the retailers, keeping the accurate temperature is a critical task. Necessarily when the food is fresh. Moreover, the quantity is also an important measure