K&S industries have started their business in Shepparton Victoria.  The company that has taken a start in 2001 by investing in cold storage and farming businesses. We have been working for offering the sustainable storage facilities for the fruits and other vegetables. In the next year moving from the existing business to the manufacturing of timber pallets and fruit bins. After sending the 15 years in this recent business now the modern automated installation and rear equipment in automated pallets. We have purchase the software to upgrade the pallet systems functioning. We are the only best company in Melbourne that amount are probably looking for. Starting from scratch to now building an empire of excellence we are constantly striving. We are offering the timber pallets based in Melbourne.

Specialises and Perks 

Our timer pallets with functionality and durability at its core design proves to be sustainable and trustworthy. We are involved in manufacturing since the start. We only select the suitable wood that is sustainable too. We are main the bins ad timber pallets that are sturdy and of excellent quality.  There is no involvement of the third party suppliers.  

Other than offering the up to mark pallets we are also the chicken bedding suppliers. As we are familiar that if you are in the politely business then mostly owners are in touch with the woodworkers for litter. The wood litter is most commonly offered by the chicken bedding suppliers. Other than that the wood shavings, scroungers by woodworkers and feed storages are an excellent absorber and offers the pleasant smell. Sawdust works too and offers by many chicken bedding suppliers but it is dusty. Thus, you cannot but this as chickens stir up and that dust is settled on the coop. 

Why us? 

Aforementioned details of our excellence and raised elegance in the relevant field is our identity. When you are owning a poultry from and working there then coming to us is your absolute need. We are the best chicken bedding suppliers that you can trust. We offer that material which absorbs the smell and offers a pleasant place for your chickens. Keeping in mind the freely services of our chicken bedding suppliers.  Most of the times you are not aware of the right option this, the simple solution is to get in touch with us and let us do the rest. We are striving to offer you the best details of the matter. If our chicken bedding suppliers cannot deliver what are you looking for then come and file a complaint. We have years of legacy and excellence. Thus, it is impossible if you think we cannot work on your solutions. 

The Supremacy of Work 

When it comes to timber pallets then rest assure we are offering excellent. We are offering the latest designs and no compromise on the quality. These timber pallets are of affordable range. We are using the eco-friendly and sustainable woods to keep our key purchases up-to-date and making us the first choice of our clients. Wheatear you are after a whole colour scheme or different sizes. We are pleased to prove ourselves the best help. We are almost manufacturer of 2000 timber pallets daily and when you place the order then it is our duty to place and dispatch those timber pallets in a tight tie frame.  


Contact the team today and let us help you to expand your business. As we have started from the zero and now we are progressing by leaps and bonds. Thus, when you contact the team we understand that you do not know much about everything. Thus, it is assured by the excellent squad of us to guide you better and offer what you after are.  

We offer the clean and straight forward advice to all your matters. Contacting us will give you relief as you will be buying from the right people thus, be at ease. We know what to offer and how to. Our service handles are always open. Call us and place your order. This is our duty to offer you what are you looking for? Thus, be at ease and dial the number today. We are covering you for everything here.